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An Accelerator takes Founders where they want to go. The NetSource Boutique Strategic Development program takes Founders where they don’t necessarily want to go but ought to.

Proven Methodology. Unprecedented Results


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NetSource Capital

NetSource Capital – is an international Venture Capital Corporation that funds startups specific to The NetSource Accelerator. The NSC Corp was started by its founder with an initial investment of 35 million US and continues to raise capital from multiply countries by a group of 7 certified brokers dedicated to the NSC.

NetSource Tech

We leverage the latest blockchain technologies and methodologies to help organizations transform in every aspect. We want to transform the world, one step at a time. We thrive by transforming organizations for a digital and cognitive future, and we dream to transform our industry with world-class opportunities for talent around the globe.

NetSource Growth Machine

Net Source Inc – our operational team, focused on start-up development.  More than an accelerator, Net Source builds out early-stage companies through guidance at every point of corporate growth, providing mentorship, entrepreneurial training, business planning and exit strategies.

Boutique Accelerator

You have a vision for bringing your innovation to market, to see your ideas converted into products and services that are used throughout the world. You and your co-founders are committed and focused… but you wish you had more access to highly successful entrepreneurs, funding, knowledge and networking you could get from participating in an accelerator. We get it! At NetSource we take all this to a whole new level

Key Factors to a Great Growth Accelerator

As a start-up, your path to success begins with a rigorous review and environmental scan by a team of leading industry professionals.  If your company is selected for venture capital funding, you become part of the Net Source family, fully positioned for success.  

Capitalization:  NetSource Capital directly funds client start-ups; all funding is determined by the NetSource Capital CEO and Fund Manager

Founders, are you Ready to Take the Plunge.

What makes us different?

Operations:  Once funding is secured, the Net Source Inc. team works closely with start-ups, maturing them past the mvp (minimum viable product) point, scaling their growth potential to global distribution, and tailoring exit strategies. Our commitment to you: We spend more time on the effective development of an individual start-up business every month than other accelerators spend with clients throughout the entire funding lifecycle.

We're Team Players

  • Net Source leaders will sit on the start-up’s Board of Directors, taking a percentage of the start-up company and exploring the potential for royalties or other avenues negotiated with the scalable business.

Extensive Knowledge

The Net Source team will provide curated mentorship and peer-to-peer meetings at every growth stage to a full working model tailored to individual company needs. For example, Net Source may help develop initial business plans, marketing and branding strategies or be involved in the strategic selection of customers.  

Fast and Global

We’ll provide ongoing environmental scans related to your business model, researching supply chains, competition, and opportunities for national and global scalability and product development.

We're always at Your Side

Mentorship and business consulting are always available for the founders of any company Net Source works with; phone us anytime for advice. We also offer online and in-person workshops at our corporate offices, including peer-to-peer networking, business mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

We go above and Beyond

Start-ups have access to practical, relevant resources. Research is at the heart of everything we do, generating current data for our clients while shaping investment strategies for economic prosperity and social well-being.

Exit strategies will be flexible and will be thoroughly discussed with Investment Founders.

Proven Methodology. Unprecedented Results

Are You A Startup Looking To Dive Into Our Program But Want To Chat First?

Outside The Box Thinking 

At NetSource Capital and Net Source Inc., we take a personal interest in your success.  Our comprehensive approach for venture capital funding, organizational structure, industry research and business mentorship create more sustainability and scalability for our clients, and reduce the risk for our investors.

 We know that entrepreneurs can be change-makers, generating economic prosperity, global well-being and community vibrancy.  Call us to find out how we can build out your vision for the future.

NetSource Capital De-Risks

This comprehensive funding model establishes better-than-industry-standard safeguards for investors, decreasing risk levels significantly from the typical industry standard of 70% in losses. By focusing on quality investments over quantity and maintaining these safeguards, the businesses we invest in will have a much higher success rate and, therefore, a higher level of income flow at the exit point.

Our Team

Niki Marie Eckardt

Founder and CEO

Craig Carson

Founder and COO

Sam Cronk

Head of Research

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