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Startup Funding Through NetSource Capital

As a startup, you are looking for the capital investment to sustain your project from start to finish. This is why we have created an entirely new methodology for funding startups. We have created a flow-through program that helps get the funding you need and protects investors in the NetSource Venture Capital Fund as well.

Why does this methodology work so well?

We want to ensure you have the best possible chance for success in taking your product to MVP and beyond. The methodology protects you with extensive guidance from over 100 years of entrepreneurial experience. Our philosophy is quality over quantity so we don’t fund 100s of startups at one time as a lot of the other accelerator programs do. 

Funding from start to finish from one source

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With our one-stop shop, there is no need for multiply VCs or funders. We can eliminate investor disputes and ensure required project changes are accepted instead of killing the project. We stay open-minded when others are closed.


Financial Safeguards To keep the Project in Check

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It’s important to realize we have been down this road many times before and even when founders believe they are doing the right thing they can also overlook obstacles. Our investing strategy and financial guidance keep you from making critical mistakes that could jeopardize the project. We have a full detailed plan and our involvement will be explained in detail when your startup project is accepted.


Unprecedented Guidance & Support from our team.

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If you have done any research in regards to selecting an investor or accelerator, you will find one common theme. You don’t get the support and guidance you need from the accelerator program or investor. Well, we have developed a program with extensive courses taught live along with customized mentorship and consulting for your startup’s specific needs. We have a few surprises up our sleeve that makes all the difference in the world.

How It Works

Yes, we want to see your pitch deck but also get to understand your product, your team, and every detail to ensure you are a good fit for our program. If you expect to be a shoo-in, think again, our system is nothing like the standard VC application or Startup process. We take success to a new level, and its shows in our exits. We are in this together so we give 110% and expect the same from you.


Set Up A discovery call with one of our startup specialists


Once you have been selected for phase two we will determine the correct funding model


You will meet with your Netsource team to build out strategies and mentorship needs